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Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for Lower Back Pain

In addition to being  a Level 3 PT I am also a qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer with a certificate in Exercise for Lower Back Pain (RQF).

Around 4 in 5 Adults suffer from some form of lower back pain in their lives.  This can be from a slight niggle to a debilitating condition.  


Lower back pain can show itself through either specific of non specific.  Specific back pain could be caused through a herniated disc, Osteoporosis or sacroiliac joint problems etc.  Non specific pain could be anything from obesity, weak glutes or perhaps too much sitting at desks.  

As a Level 4 specialist in Lower Back Pain I will work alongside your physio/osteopath to make sure we have the right exercise programme in place to help relieve the pain and put you on the road to recovery or maintenance.


Contact me today if you would be interested in a Lower Back Pain Management Programme.

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