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The Gym is now open and I am now training 1:1 clients here.  I still have a few slots available during the week so do contact me if you are interested.

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Prices Prices Prices

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As of the 1st April my rates for  Personal Training will be increasing.  I have delayed increasing my fees for the last 2 years and whilst most will not welcome an increase, I will be adding some extra value features to the services I provide within this rate change.  

For my Personal Training clients I am currently testing a new fitness app which will help me to provide clients with additional support throughout the week which I am confident will be a useful tool in helping clients reach their fitness goals.  This will hopefully go live in May


Class prices and membership will stay the same at the moment.


Back Pain!!!!

I am currently in the middle of my Level 4 Lower Back Pain Management course which will allow me to work with clients with Lower Back Pain and help them with their rehabilitation.  There is a lot of studying going on and I will then have my final assessment in London and hopefully will then be a Level 4 Personal Trainer!  Fingers Crossed!!

Image by julien Tromeur
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