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The ski season is officially upon us! If like me you are looking forward to hitting those slopes hard this season and you don't want to feel tired halfway through the day, then you need to train your body leading up to the holiday.

To get the most out of your holiday then you need to make sure that you are training all the muscle groups we need for skiing. If you improve your fitness levels and do the right preparation then you will reduce the potential for injury and fatigue.

We therefore need to train the following muscle groups:

Quadricep Muscles (thighs) will be the main focus as they are crucial to your skiing position and will also help to protect those knees from getting sore!

Hamstrings - As you ski you are constantly leaning forward through your hips in a flexed position. This puts great pressure through the hamstrings and glutes as they are working hard to stabilise your body.

Adductors/Abductors (Inner and Outer thighs) - As you try to keep your skiis together (although not as much as we used to back in the 90's) your inner and outer thigh muscles will be working hard.

Soleus/Gastrocnemius - with your knees constantly bent your calf muscles are working to help you to stay in that position. As well as the front of your ski boots!

Core - To protect your back and avoid injury you must keep your core engaged, therefore a conditioned core is vital, this includes your back muscles too.

Arms - Although it feels like your arms aren’t doing as much as the rest of the body, they are. Your rotator cuffs, biceps and triceps are all working to help you with your pole work, especially on those pesky flats!!

The Fitness Friend offers Pre Ski Holiday Training Package - 6 x 45 minute Sessions @ £135.00

Contact Jane Edser at for more information or to book your sessions!

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